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Trailer Interchange Coverage Endorsement

This covers the physical damage exposure of trailers owned by someone other than the insured while attached to a scheduled power unit (tractor). Insured is required to have a written interchange agreement with the owner of the equipment.

Non-Owned PD Trailer Coverage

When available and offered, this coverage is similar to Trailer Interchange with the exception that no written interchange agreement is required.

Bailee Coverage (Available with some packages)

This covers the physical damage exposure of autos that are hired or borrowed. Includes the exposure to Trucks, Tractors and Trailers.

Package Policies

When available and offered, a policy that includes 3 or more types of coverage can qualify for a package policy discount which would in all essence decrease the total annual premium.

Subrogation Services

When markets believe that another party was the cause of the accident or may be legally liable for some or all of the damages the process of Subrogation begins. This is a recovery of those benefits paid under your policy.Therefore the insurance co. thus credit your loss experience with any funds recovered from the responsible party.


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